I have three feature classes [CircuitSource(A),CircuitBreaker(B),Sub-Station(C)]. In the Geodatabase A and B has a 1:1 relationship based on a primary field namely 'FEEDERID'. C and B has a 1:many relationship based on a field namely 'STATIONID'. I have created a new feature in A(pFeatA) and related this feature to an existing feature(pFeatB) in B feature class so that the value of 'FEEDERID' in pFeatA gets populated in pFeatB. I used the following code.

IRelationshipClass relClass = null;

relClass.CreateRelationship(pFeatA as IObject, pFeatB as IObject);

But the value of 'FEEDERID' in pFeatA is getting populated in all features in B feature class which has 'FEEDERID' = null and the similar value of 'STATIONID' as that of pFeatB.

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You are trying to create a relationship when you've mentioned that it already exists.

If you want to get related objects there are specific methods for it, like IRelationshipClass.GetObjectsRelatedToObject & IRelationshipClass.GetObjectsRelatedToObjectSet


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