I have data points recorded with a Trimble GIS. The projection is New Brunswick Sterographic Double Projection, which as near as I can find via a Google search is EPSG:2953. However, when I try to import the proj (see below) I get the error "not a valid or recognised data source". The same files import just fine into ARCMAP 10. How do I get these files to read correctly into QGIS 1.7.3 (Windows 7) or does this mean there is a bug in the projection data base of QGIS? I guess I could drop the projection and specify it in the program but I am concerned that the projection may be wrong if the files don't import correctly in the first place. Thanks


Projection file:

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    What format is the data in? It doesn't sound like the projection is the issue, rather the data format itself. May 28 '13 at 18:20

Try using the ESRI wkt or the ESRI .prj file at EPSG:2953 or fix the projection in QGIS after importing the file (without the prj file, if necessary)

enter image description here


More Google searching came up with an answer. Unlike ARCMAP, you can't drag all the files, just the shape files.

Thanks for the leads and suggestions.


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