I am looking for a function that will return the intersection of 2 or more polygons (geography type).

I am aware of ST_UNION, ST_COLLECT but it works only for geometry type.

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You can cast to geometry and do the calculation. If your data goes over the poles or date-line that could be problematic. Also if you have long edges, in which the great-circle interpolation line differs from a simple cartesian interpolation. In those cases you might have to create your own aggregate function that re-projects to something reasonable before running the operation.

SELECT ST_Transform(
  ST_Union(ST_Transform(geog::geometry, 26910)),
FROM the_table

According to bostongis, there is no UNION that works on geography type. So you have to first cast geography to geometry:


Then apply ST_UNION and cast back.

  • Shouldn't data be projected first? Does other functions, like ST_Intersection, ST_Diffrence return correct results if data is geometry with srid WGS84. Perhaps it's good idea for separate question...
    – stachu
    Aug 3, 2010 at 7:01
  • Well, it depends on the extends of your data. As Paul already mentioned, problems at the poles and date-line occur if you don't use an appropriate CRS.
    – underdark
    Aug 3, 2010 at 20:03

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