I want to clear all columns from a SHP. Only need geometry of features. I use QGIS and Sextante with grass and saga. Is there any tool for this job...


There are several tools you can use to Drop\delete columns.

1 - Atribute table "delete column" tool

  • Open layer's attribute table;
  • Start editing;
  • Click on "delete columns" icon;
  • Select several columns using Pressing Ctrl;
  • Click ok;
  • Stop\Save editing;

enter image description here

2 - Use Table Manager Plugin

  • Install Table Manager Plugin using Plugins > fetch python plugins;
  • Click on the plugin Icon or in Vector > Table manager > Table manager;
  • Select several columns\fields using Pressing Ctrl;
  • click on delete;
  • Ok

enter image description here


A simple way of getting rid of the attributes is to rightclick on the layer -> Save As... and check Surpress attribute creation.

If you have many files, you could use:

ogr2ogr -select field_list destination_file source_file

to select fields you want (default is all!)

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