I followed the official tutorial explaining how to create personal plugin with openGeo client sdk but unfortunately I couldn't perform that task.
In the beggining, I "copy/ past" the code as it mentioned in the tutorial but my browser told me that gxp is not defined after that I make changes as follows:

* @require plugins/Tool.js

/** api: (extends)
*  plugins/Tool.js


gxp.plugins.DrawBox = Ext.extend(gxp.plugins.Tool, {
ptype: "gxp_drawbox",
addActions: function(){
    return gxp.plugins.DrawBox.superclass.addActions.apply(this, [{
        text: "Draw box"

Ext.preg(gxp.plugins.DrawBox.prototype.ptype, gxp.plugins.DrawBox);  

Then, when I examine the code with chrome I receive this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined ext-base.js:7
Ext.apply.extend ext-base.js:7
(anonymous function)

Do you have any hints about resolving this problem?


The SDK is not very forgiving when parsing the @require directives. Make sure that each @require line starts with blank-star-blank, and not just with star-blank.

  • oh great !!! I should start with blank-start-blank thank you the problem is resolved – jabrane Jun 4 '13 at 4:29

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