Im trying to use the wfs-t in openayers using the savestrategy. I have created a savestrategy and it works when I for example uses the DrawFeature Control to add a point. A new point is added to the database. However, when I use the DragFeature control to move a point (in the same vector layer as I have added using DrawFeature) it doesnt work.

The response from Geoserver is

   <ogc:FeatureId fid="none"/>

And to me that looks like for some reasons no information sent regarding the fid that should have been moved.

What could I havce done wrong? BR Mike

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You need to set the feature's state to UPDATE. If you want to do it by hand, here is a code snipped:

wfs.events.register('afterfeaturemodified', null, afterModified);

function afterModified(e) {
  // only set to update if state is NOT INSERT and NOT DELTE !!!
  if(e.feature.state!=OpenLayers.State.INSERT &&
     e.feature.state!=OpenLayers.State.DELETE) {

The ModifyFeature Control does set the flag automatically in the setFeatureState method. I suppose that the the DragFeature does not.


I changed to use the ModifyFeature Control instead of using the DragFeature COntrol and it worked like it should

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