As the title of the question implies, I wish to know how to set up a QGIS Python Plugin Debugger so that I can develop plugins more efficiently.

Any information regarding this would be much appreciated as I am fairly new to QGIS Python Plugin Development.


Plugins are written in Python, so use a Python debugger as pdb present in the standard distribution

enter image description here

and look Python module of the week: pdb – Interactive Debugger, Debugging in Python or the multiple tutorials on the Web.

Or choose another one of those presented in Python Debugging Tools

  • You can't drop into pdb while running the plugin, though... – Matt Messersmith May 28 at 13:52

If you want to have a step-by-step debugger, you can use the RemoteDebug plugin which integrates nicely with PyDev and Eric. But success has been reported with other environments as well.

This recent StackExchange question concerning code completion may be interesting as well.


See this: http://linfiniti.com/2011/12/remote-debugging-qgis-python-plugins-with-pydev/ and this: http://linfiniti.com/2012/09/remote-debugging-qgis-plugins-using-pycharm/ for information on debugging with PyDev and PyCharm respectively.

  • Both those links are dead, which is why links are not preferred on StackExchange sites. If you can find them again, better would be to copy/paste/redo-the-steps for reference here, and have the links as an aside – Matt Messersmith May 28 at 13:51

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