I am attempting to find a shapefile of wire center service areas / telephone exchanges in France and Germany. Ideally, a point file showing the location of the actual equipment, coupled with a polygon that shows each center's service area.

To see an example of the what I'm talking about, this is the U.S. equivalent: http://www.navmart.com/wire_center_boundaries.php

Obviously, free is best, but I open to sources who might have this available for purchase.

Any and all help is appreciated!


Speaking for Germany, I suppose you are looking for locations of "Hauptverteiler (HVT)", Englisch "Main Distribution Frame (MDF)". Finding these locations and even more their area of distribution is non-trivial.

There was a list on the "Zukunft Breitband" initiative. Most information and a download link can be found on this OpenStreetMap page (German).

It also seams that Olaf Selke has a KML file of this list.

For France I have no Information, start with the Wikipedia page.

  • I would also like to find this same wirecenter data for Spain, if it is available. Free is best, but I am open to paying for the data as well. – user18824 Jun 10 '13 at 16:15

Concerning the boundaries (which are nowadays of a more theoretical nature), there is a list on the website of the BNetzA.

These denote the boundaries between areas of an equal prefix. Inside these areas, you can do calls without the prefix, when crossing the borders, people have a different prefix which you must add.

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