I am using Geoserver 2.2.5 & added 'geoserver-2.2.5-oracle-plugin.zip' at '..\geoserver 2.2.5\webapps\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib' to connect with oracle data.

after restarting Geoserver, No datastore like 'Oracle/Oracle NG' is found.

The two jar files(in 'lib' directory) are - 1) ojdbc.jar ;
2) gt_jdbc_oracle_8.7.jar.

kindly,note that in the same process I installed 'MySql'Plugin & it is working fine.

Thanks in advance

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I had a similar issue with MySQL, where I had accidentally installed the plugin jar's into the upper level lib directory.
Even when I added them to the correct directory, but not yet removed them from the upper lib, I had problems.
I suspect if you added -verbose onto the java start up command you'll find that another ojdbc.jar is being loaded first before the one in the WEB-INF\lib.
You will have to adjust your environment path variable to have the plugin jar to be first, or the only jar available.

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