I am trying to get JMapFrame to work to visualize some feature. Unfortunately I keep getting errors although this test app can be started. Toolbars etc. are shown.

18.02.2011 16:44:38 org.geotools.renderer.lite.StreamingRenderer paint

SEVERE: null

at org.geotools.renderer.lite.StreamingRenderer.processStylers(StreamingRenderer.java:1771)
at org.geotools.renderer.lite.StreamingRenderer.paint(StreamingRenderer.java:722)

(full stack trace here)

My source code is here. (And pom.xml here)

I assume the problem must be anywhere in "myStyle". Is there maybe a default style?


This one looks like the culprit:

Graphic graph = sb.createGraphic(null, new Mark[] { testMark }, null,
            sb.literalExpression(1), sb.attributeExpression("size"),

you are creating graphic marker with a null graphic. I'm pretty sure you're hitting this issue (not an issue imo, more an error on the user side):


  • Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I cannot test it but if it works for anyone, I'll accept it. – Philip Dec 27 '11 at 12:34
  • well, voting up wouldn't be a bad start ;-) – unicoletti Dec 27 '11 at 13:37

From a quick scan it seems that you are trying to symbolize a line with a PointSymbolizer. The first thing to try would be to load a simple SLD file that you know works (build and test it in UDig). This would allow you be sure that it isn't a problem with your features. Then I'd add a logger and turn up the logging level before stepping through the program in a debugger to see what exactly is null.

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