Is there a QGIS equivalent of the Erase tool in ArcGIS Desktop?

The Erase tool:

Creates a feature class by overlaying the Input Features with the polygons of the Erase Features. Only those portions of the input features falling outside the erase features outside boundaries are copied to the output feature class.


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Yes there is.

It's called Difference, and you can access it by doing Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Difference.

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In ArcGIS Desktop you can Erase without purchasing the Advanced level license by activating ETGeoWizards in a standard ArcView license.

If you right-click on your toolbar you will get a list of tools, click on "ETGeoWizards" and it will activate that tool.

After opening ETGeoWizards tool, on the left hand side there are a number of categories choose the "Overlay" cat. and "Erase" is 3rd down from the top.

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