What I have:

  • an Excel file with 11 thousand address (street + zip code + city)
  • all address are from Portugal
  • the address are not accurate (some address have the name street in a short way)

What I am looking for:

  • get "geocodes" (latitude/longitude) of all address.
  • using a opensource API, or a service of a website

What I will do with the data collected:

  • with the "geocodes" I will create a file like a KML file with all address and some others information about each address
  • the "geocodes" will be use in a commercial product by the company I am working.

In my research I have found some API and websites. But I am not sure if they suit my requirements

  • Google Maps API
    • I think it was a limit if 2500 requests per IP per day.
    • I think I can not collect the latitude/longitude, only show the location in a Google Map webpage
  • Yahoo PlaceFinder API
    • I think it is not free
  • website Gisgraphy
    • The results on my test are not good for Portugal address
  • website GPS Visualizer's Address Locator
    • uses Google and API Yahoo API, So have the same restrictions above

Some links I found:


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I think you will find numerous answers to similar questions on our site by searching the geocode tag.

A few that stick out are:

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Maybe this will also work for you: How to find coordinates for a lot of locations based on the town or village name?

The presented programme uses Nominatim (Open Street Map). I expect it to also work well with street names in most cases.


Openstreetmap (OSM) API can help finding lat,lon information without any subscription/ API key requirement. I have also added a related answer in How to Geocode a Google SpreadSheet?

When the address is not accurate, it might bring unexpected results. You might need to get all search results to validate.

  1. B1 = Address e.g 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

  2. Replace space with "%20" in address

    B2 =substitute(B1," ","%20")

  3. Create search link with response in xml format:

    B3 ="https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/search?q="&B2&"&format=xml&addressdetails=1"

  4. Get lat and lon data in XML format and parse it with XPath filters.

    B4 =ImportXML(B3,"//place[1]/@lat") B5 =ImportXML(B3,"//place[1]/@lon")

  5. Get all search results in rows B7 =TRANSPOSE(ImportXML(B3,"*"))

Implementation Example: How to find Latitude, Longitude of given address?

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