I am trying to run Map ServerLayer sample given on arcgis resource center.When I pasted the code in my FlashBuilder 4.6 then it is showing error on this line <esri:ClassBreaksRenderer attribute="POP2000"> .
Error is

Multiple markers at this line:
-Cannot resolve attribute 'attribute' for component type com.esri.ags.renderers.ClassBreaksRenderer.
-1 changed line

It means it is not recognizing the attribute field of esri:ClassBreaksRenderer. I am unable to understand the reason?Any suggestions?

Note: I am using flex4.6.0 and latest version of arcgis API which is agslib-3.3-2013-04-24.swc


"The attribute, attribute2, attribute3, and attributeDelimiter properties that were deprecated at 2.5 have been removed at 3.0. Use field, field2, field3, and fieldDelimiter instead."

From the What's New document at http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/flex-api/concepts/index.html#//017p0000000w000000

Note that your link goes to the 2.x API documentation. If you are using the 3.x API, you should be looking at the 3.x pages: http://links.esri.com/flex always points to the latest version.

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