I have used the script to draw the profile with this gis.stackexchange.com/a/50841/8104. This script is perfect. Can someone provide me idea, if in my case spacing is not same. I have points with different spacing. I want to use those points instead of fixed spacing. I would be thankful if you provide some guidelines

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Another option would be the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-GeoRAS tools for Arc. Though it comes with a lot of other stuff for building a HEC-RAS hydraulic model from GIS data, I remember that it had a pretty robust tool for creating cross-sections. However, I'd do some research in to it first to see if it will give you what you are looking for (irregular spacing).


Maybe try this tool created by Mateus Ferreira: http://gis4geomorphology.com/stream-transects-partial/

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