I realize this is a very basic question, but however I can't find any basic Q&A on something so simple. I added three new points to a shapebatch in ArcMap. By default when I added them, it made the M-Value the equivalent of a minimum double value (-1.79769313486232E+308). I know this because I've written software to read ShapeFiles. For testing purposes I need to be able to change the M-values of these points to see how it handles certain values.

I've tried opening the 'Edit Sketch Properties' windows. It's grayed out and doesn't even contain an M column. All tutorials/guides I've come across pertain to PolyLineZ.

Is the M-value computed on something within the shapefile?


If the Shapefile is "M aware" the Shape column will display "Polygon M". Also, the Source tab of the Layer's Properties will read, "Coordinates have measures: yes". I just created a new Shapefile with Measures and was able to edit the M values from the Edit Sketch Properties Window. I had to start an Edit Session, of course. Each Vertex of a Polygon has its own M value.

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