I am very new to arcgis in general, and am having trouble stiching several rasters together. I know that the mosaic tool can do this, but when I try to create a new mosaic dataset I get the error message "you do not have the necessary license to execute the selected tool".

The spatial anaylist extension is turned ON, and I have checked it several times, and it is otherwise working. Is there something else besides the spatial analyist I need?

I couldn't figure out how to post on Esri's forum, and hoped someone here could help me. I am getting desperate! Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


You need either an ArcEditor or ArcInfo license level to use the mosiac tool. You can use ArcGIS Adminstrator to verify and change your license level. First close ArcMap, then go to Programs>ArcGIS>ArcGIS Adminstrator. Select the Desktop folder, then check your level on the right. If ArcView is selected you will need to change to an ArcEditor or ArcInfo level license if they are available to you. Simply select the new license level and click Ok. enter image description here

  • Thank you for your help! Yes, it appears I have ArcView, which is why I cannot use the tool. – user19084 Jun 13 '13 at 18:19

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