I installed Qgis 1.8 several months ago. It's been working like a charm. Earlier today, I decided to check out the latest nightly build. Installed GDAL 1.10 (already had 1.9 installed) and SQLite 3.7.16 first, then the nightly build. It's been running fine, however, I just tried to to some DEM raster analysis...which does not work at all. I get an error message - "An error has occured while executing Python code". Any advice?


QGIS nightly (master), is not stable. At the moment not least due to some recent changes in the python API which requires a lot of updates to python code what has not yet been completed.

For any such problems, please:

  • Fix them and submit a pull request (if you are able to)
  • Hire a professional developer to fix this (if you are able to)
  • File a bug with as much information concerning the error as possible and instructions on how to reproduce

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