Is there a means of recording all user actions in QGIS, in particular date/time of data access?

Most of our data is in Postgresql which is fine, I can run logging from there and QGIS is recorded there as the client application. What I'm stuck on is how to track access to flat files such as rasters.


I think your best bet here is a plugin, or some custom Python code that you can use for monitoring.

If you place a startup.py script in .qgis/python it will be imported when QGIS starts so you could do something like this in there:

import logging
import getpass
from qgis.core import QgsMapLayerRegistry


def loglayers(layers):
    for layer in layers:
        logging.debug('{} - {}'.format(layer.name(), getpass.getuser()) 

There's also file system level logging of access to network shares. If your network share is a Windows server, you can set up Audit object access (I've not tried this). For a *nix samba server, use vfs_objects=full_audit in the share definition in smb.conf.

Note that logging will incur a performance penalty.

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