Is it possible to create a map package of a network dataset (ESRI ArcGIS 10.1)? I tried publishing it as a map package, but I can't seem to insert the network itself (the "New Route" part, not the extracted layers of the stops and the route and barriers).

I found this, but the links are broken, and I can't seem to get info.

EDIT: I found this from ESRI forums, stating that "at this time(2011) the Runtime does not support the RouteTask with local resources. Routing is supported by geoprocessing model and then creating a Geoprocessing Package (gpk) with runtime support enabled from that model." - As I understand it, I need to build a model. But I still don't understand if I can work with my data or not ( I need the tool, based on specific layers, not a general tool, and not with only route results).


According the help of ESRI it should be possible.
"Some datasets reference other datasets. For example, you may have a topology dataset that references four feature classes. Other examples of datasets that reference other datasets include Geometric Networks, Networks, and Locators. When consolidating or packaging a layer based on these types of datasets, the participating datasets will also be consolidated or packaged."

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  • I saw that, but I'm not certain they don't mean only the route layer itself and not the ability to calculate networks. – jonatr Jun 17 '13 at 7:12

For anyone stumbling upon this question: it is possible to create a package out of the ability to map a route(built into a model), but it's not a map package (MPK) but a geoprocessing package (GPK) , for more details see this link (ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF > How to author and publish a geoprocessing model)

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