I'm new in Grass and need some help!

I have created a LOCATION based on the coordinate system in which I want my data to be projected. So far I'm being able to Import & display the raster image (Tiff Image). However, to see this image have to click several times in zoom-in/out, I understand this is because the data is somewhere out of the "screen" but still inside the LOCATION. Is there to get this image inside de screen from the start?

Location created:
proj=UTM datum=wgs84 zone=30 towgs84=0,0,0,0,0 no_defs=defined

The Geo-TIFF image (MOD13Q1-NDVI and MOD13Q1-EVI ): was reprojected using MRT-Modis: -UTM -Resampling: nearest Neighbor -utm zone: 30 -datum=wgs84 -UL 39.9999 / -13.05407 -LR 29.9999/ 0.0

Despite creating few locations to get this data "inside the screen", couldn't make it. Don't know where my mistake is.


you need to run g.region rast=name_of_your_raster

check the GRASS Wiki page on computational regions for more details.

  • Many thanks. Will follow the instruction on this tutorial. – Lbx Jun 19 '13 at 21:09
  • Hi @dmci: the instruction you linked has worked perfect! I have raster on the screen from the start!. My further step is to extract a smaller image from this big one. I tried using R.region setting nort, south, east and west values of the smaller area (reflect the geographic boundaries) but only get the same image narrower in width and longer in high. Thanks – Lbx Jun 24 '13 at 18:04
  • see g.region . – mankoff Oct 30 at 4:51

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