Are there any vector map data providers with API's, that i can use to build my app on iOS natively (not on a webview). Specifically im looking for:

  1. For a library/framework that uses existing map servers as datasources to get vector maps. Even a HTTP based API that returns vector map data would be helpful!
  2. Any tools that would help me render (on openGL) such a map on iOS. Mapnik (http://mapnik.org/) looks good, but im still unsure on how i would go about using it!

Things I've looked and why those wont work for me (tell me otherwise!):

  1. Google Maps & Apple Maps : Cannot use as a datasource for vector map format.
  2. Mapbox : Coming out with map vector support. Not yet out there.
  3. TileStache : Looks promising. Would like more information on this if anyone has used it?

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There's an existing MapBox iOS SDK that pulls raster tiles rather than vector tiles, but is native. It can bring in other vector sources for overlays, like GeoJSON and KML, if necessary.

TileStache is a Python map server, not a Obj-C map client.


It's an old question, but there are some new answers now. WhirlyGlobe-Maply can now do vector map display on iOS. http://mousebirdconsulting.blogspot.com/2014/03/vector-maps-introduction.html


Try MapBox-gl, it's in preview phase and has full vector support written in C++ and OpenGL ES.

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