How to separate a multi-polygon shapefile into individual polygons (as separate shapefiles)? I had huge data... I know the traditional process like export data...

Please help me...

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  • It's not completely clear what the desired result should be. Should it be one shapefile for each original multipolygon? One Shapefile for each processed polygon? Some other rule? – underdark Jun 24 '13 at 6:00

There are 2 tools in arcgis.

  1. The multipart to single part tool in toolbox.
  2. The explode tool on the advanced editing toolbar.
  • Does the Explode tool make individual shapefiles? or just individual shapes? – user681 Jun 23 '13 at 16:06
  • It works inside of an edit session with only the selected objects. It makes single shapes of multi. You can set the split rules so it will follow rules on split. – Brad Nesom Jun 24 '13 at 2:54

First step using QGIS, you have to divide the multipolygon to individual polygins with Vector->Geometry Tools->Multipart to single parts

Then you have to edit the attribute table to give all objects a unique number.

With that, you can use the Shapefile splitter plugin to dissolve the shapefile with several objects into several shapefiles with just one object.

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