In ArcInfo Workstation (formerly called ARC/INFO), the ARC: command TOLERANCE was used to specify fuzzy, grain, weed, snap and nodesnap as the types of tolerances for coverages.

When creating a feature class, what would be the equivalent of these?

There do not seem to be any options to specify these in ArcGIS for Desktop.


I think of Fuzzy Tolerance from ArcInfo Workstation as being more or less equivalent to Cluster Tolerance from ArcGIS for Desktop. The other tolerances were there for generalising (grain/weed) and snapping (snap/nodesnap).

To achieve the equivalent of DOUBLE PRECISION from ARC/INFO my understanding is that you can just accept all the defaults from the last panel of the wizard for Create Feature Class.

  • Thanks. Thats pretty much what I've come to conclude from testing and comparing the tabular results of both formats. – TheLastGIS Jul 5 '13 at 1:50

The XY Tolerance is part of the spatial reference of a feature class. This is the equivalent of the fuzzy and snap tolerance values you can set for a coverage, although they cannot be different in ArcGIS.

There is also a geoprocessing environment setting: XY Tolerance that will override any settings from the inputs to a geoprocessing tool that recognizes the setting.

The defaults in the geodatabase (in most situations) will give you an XY resolution that far exceeds double-precision floating point!

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