I have 12 delimited text csv files with regular pseudo-gridded points for temperature and salinity which look like this when zoomed in (inc distances) and this when zoomed out. I'm trying to convert them to a smooth surface layer - assumedly interpolated - but using the interpolation plugin on a vector layer saved from one of the csv's produced this kind of output, irrespective of how many columns I use.

How do I turn my grids of dots into a nice smooth surface that I can use colour interpolation on?


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If you have a regular point grid, you can use Raster | Conversion | Rasterize to create a raster with exactly the attribute values of the input points converted onto raster values. No interpolation or other manipulation of attribute/raster values is applied.


You could use one of the interpolation functions in ArcGIS. Since they are regularly spaced, Inverse Distance Weighted would work without making too many assumptions.

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