I made a simulation and reworked the output with ParaView. I simulated an avalanche on a DEM and what I want to do is to compare the area of the simulated avalanche with that of the real avalanche. To do this I would use ArcMap 10 where I already have the real area as a shapefile. How can I bring what I have on ParaView to ArcMap?

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You may be able to export files from Paraview, but simulations ?

You need formats that can be imported by ArcGIS (I don't use it, see Paraview supported formats).

Another solution is Paraview GEO, for the exploration and mining industry with many others geological and mining formats (supported format), but I see nothing about ArcGIS.

You can also use Paraview with GRASS GIS or R:

  • From Paraview to GRASS GIS (in 3D):

enter image description here -----------> enter image description here

  • From Paraview to R (in 3D):

enter image description here -----------> enter image description here

Or GRASS GIS alone (gif from Two-dimensional dam break flooding model) enter image description here

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