What looked like a simple task has kept me busy for a while now. I would like to snap the endpoint of a polyline feature to a known point of which I know the coordinates.

My first try was the following (within an edit operation):

polyline = feature.ShapeCopy as IPolyline;
polyline.ToPoint.PutCoords(_connectionPoint.X, _connectionPoint.Y);
feature.Shape = polyline;

the new coordinates however would never be saved at the feature.

I also looked at this example:


but I am a bit confused about whether I really need a HitTest in my case.

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You need to update the specific point coordinates via IPointCollection.Update.


I think I just found a solution myself. I was already close. As stated above ToPoint.PutCoords doesn't work. But I could use this:

polyline = feature.ShapeCopy as IPolyline;
polyline.ToPoint = _connectionPoint
feature.Shape = polyline as IGeometry;

maybe this is helpful for others looking for a simple way how to edit a polyline (end)vertex.

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