I am currently working on a project where QGIS is used for creating and editing vector data and requires a Google or Bing aerial photo layer as a basemap. I can add Google satellite/Bing aerial photos as a base map layer using the OpenLayers plugin but I am looking for any solution that I can use to do this offline using local cached tiles.

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    This is a duplicate of another SO question (not on the GIS site): stackoverflow.com/questions/6109369/… And also, this very question goes against Google's Terms. Unless you are a Premier member, you're not allowed to cache tiles.
    – Vadim
    Commented Oct 1, 2013 at 19:11
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    It's worth noting that caching Google tiles is not against the T&C. What is against the rules is pre-fetching (what the OP is actually asking). (See 10.1.3 Restrictions against Copying or Data Export.)
    – Dan
    Commented Feb 5, 2015 at 14:29

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You can use the tilestache-seed.py script of the really good and light TileStache library. You could use TileCache also.


You can set up a local apache server, and change the target URLs in the openlayers plugin to http://localhost/path/to/your/tiles...


Caching Bing Maps tiles for offline use is against the terms of use of Bing Maps.


I found an explanatory doc and c# code here


written by Bing's software architect, Joe Schwartz.

I see (in 2017) browser requests like https://t1.ssl.ak.dynamic.tiles.virtualearth.net/comp/ch/03131020103313233?mkt=en-GB&it=A,G,RL&shading=hill&n=z&og=146&c4w=1

where '03131020103313233' is a quadtree-key ('quadkey'), deciphered as per the above link like this (c) microsoft 2017

/// <summary>
/// Converts a QuadKey into tile XY coordinates.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="quadKey">QuadKey of the tile.</param>
/// <param name="tileX">Output parameter receiving the tile X coordinate.</param>
/// <param name="tileY">Output parameter receiving the tile Y coordinate.</param>
/// <param name="levelOfDetail">Output parameter receiving the level of detail.</param>
public static void QuadKeyToTileXY(string quadKey, out int tileX, out int tileY, out int levelOfDetail)
    tileX = tileY = 0;
    levelOfDetail = quadKey.Length;
    for (int i = levelOfDetail; i > 0; i--)
        int mask = 1 << (i - 1);
        switch (quadKey[levelOfDetail - i])
            case '0':
            case '1':
                tileX |= mask;
            case '2':
                tileY |= mask;
            case '3':
                tileX |= mask;
                tileY |= mask;
                throw new ArgumentException("Invalid QuadKey digit sequence.");

you can downlaod Google maps for offline use with GoogleMapsRipper from http://www.blueblackworks.com

There is Batch downlaod mode - to do massive download, if needed. Not sure how legal is all this, but is doable.

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