I have something like this:

int[] edges = graph.findCloseEdges(lat, lon, 1); // returns only one element
RoutingResultSegment rrs = graph.lookupSegment(edges[0]);
LatLon[] latlons = rrs.getLatLons()

For the red dot in the image (with lat/lon), array latlons contains the blue points. I would instead expect "close edge" to be a segment of the A3/E70 road.

Here is the image (I don't have enough reputation to post images apparently).

What is the third integer argument in findCloseGraph and what does this method return? I need to do simple "snap to road".


Oh, this is a very expert question ;-)

graph.findCloseEdges(lat, lon, x)

finds x close Edges that are not necessarily the closest ones. What you are going to find is clear. Use TouchPoint.create(...) instead.

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