I've a MODIS04 L2, and I want to extract band 8:Image_Optical_Depth_Land_And_Ocean. I use Quantum GIS to open this band, because Quantum GIS see this is not coordinates so this allow me to select projection as below: +proj=utm +zone=50 +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs +towgs84=0,0,0.

All I know is that I want to translate to WGS84. This open this band seems good but when I open this band with ENVI this is better (differents output images). But I see the Modis Conversion Toolkit use same warp parameters as Quantum Gis expect it has a parameters ("Numbers of Warp Points").

I think that I miss something with QGIS and GDAL too.

This is Envi Conversion Toolkit

enter image description here

This is open file HDF with QGIS

enter image description here

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I would recommend using the MODIS Reprojection Tool (MRT), which allows you to convert, reproject, and mosaic MODIS HDF files. Here's a screenshot:

MODIS reprojection tool

There's even a web-based version called MRTWeb so you don't have to download each of the individual HDF you want to process. Here's another screenshot:



Maybe this is simple but I just use the gdal translate function with -sds and convert them all to geotiff and it seems to work fine and is in WGS 1984 if I remember correctly.


For example

for %A in ("...\*.hdf") do gdal_translate -of GTiff -sds "%A" "%A.tiff"

Will convert all sub-datasets in HDF to Geotiff

  • For Windows, the line should be for %%A in ("*.hdf") do gdal_translate -of GTiff -sds "%%A" "%%A.tiff". Unfortunately, SWATH data will not get proper CRS information.
    – AndreJ
    May 16, 2014 at 16:12

I'll add Chris' comment as answer. As stated, the MODIS Reprojection tool is no longer supported. NASA's HEG tool can convert from HDF to GeoTIFF: https://newsroom.gsfc.nasa.gov/sdptoolkit/HEG/HEGHome.html

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