My test server updated today I think it was a PHP update, and since then I can no longer view data in GeoExplorer, only OpenLayers. The GeoExplorer can not see my local server.

Any hints?

Update: Firebug says:

   TypeError: e is undefined

 GeoExplorer.js (line 1535)

Another error from Geoexplorer:

Non-existing source 'local' referenced in layer config.

Further information from the GeoServer log:

    ... 87 more
2013-07-19 13:16:12,458 INFO [geoserver.wms] - Request: getServiceInfo

2013-07-19 13:16:12,459 ERROR [geoserver.ows] - 
org.geoserver.platform.ServiceException: Could not determine geoserver request from http request org.geoserver.platform.AdvancedDispatchFilter$AdvancedDispatchHttpRequest@1965791
  • Unlikely that a PHP update causes this. Looks like WMS GetCapabilities is broken. Try to open localhost:8080/geoserver/… in a browser and scan the response for error messages.
    – ahocevar
    Commented Jul 17, 2013 at 12:13
  • @ahocevar It only seems to do this occasionally, where the local server wont load, It happened a few days back, I ended up making a new test server and everything worked. I have hardly touched geoserver all I have done is linked to my postGIS, and created a style. Turned it off yesterday, and today I get the error I posted above.
    – Tom
    Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 12:04

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This is down to a faulty change in SLD, even though the style worked, when I restarted the server this is when the geoexplorer issues arise. Solution, delete the style, and replace with the default SLD cookbook style.


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