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QGIS Field Calculator Results Removed When Saving Edits

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I have got a Shapefile with all boroughs in France (projection = EPSG:2154 - RGF93 / Lambert-93) I like to add some columns: area, Population, average income. The answer to make the columns bigger for area calculation does not work because the maximum size seems to be 10 in my Qgis version (1.8 Lisboa). If I like to add simply numbers (population number for example that does not work either. It does not matter if I use "interger" "real" or "string"...while saving it tells me that saving did not work because it was not able to delete attributes. OGR-failure while deleting field 13. Invalid field index

Afterwards the result seems to be different: sometimes it can save the result, sometimes there will be set "NULL". It can not be so difficult to add a column in a shapefile can it?

To show you what I am working with 2 screenshots (I added the last 2 columns):



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I guess the problem was caused by a too long headline. Without this long head line it seems to work. But I am still carefull and I save after entering 4-5 lines just to make sure not to waste another day by editing...

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    If you work with shapefiles, you should avoid column names with more than 10 characters. And better don't use blanks in header names.
    – AndreJ
    Jul 17, 2013 at 14:31
  • Yeah I guess that is always the same: You know it but at the end you can not remember it ;) My names are all connected with "_" or "-" but i forgot the head lines... Jul 17, 2013 at 15:15

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