Using ArcGIS Server it is possible to publish a map service, which has a URL like http://services.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/Demographics/USA_1990-2000_Population_Change/MapServer/1

In this case, the "1" refers to the particular polygon layer. It's possible to create a featureLayer from this REST endpoint.

When I publish a map to ArcGIS.com the options are "Feature Access" or "Tiled Mapping". This means that the REST endpoint has /FeatureServer/ rather than /MapServer/ in the URL.

Am I correct in the assumption that ArcGIS.com doesn't support dynamic map services, and only supports feature services and tiled services?


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It seems that the above assumption is correct, and ArcGIS.com does not support map services.

There are some tips at http://communityhub.esriuk.com/journal/2013/5/29/improving-the-performance-of-complex-features-in-arcgis-onli.html on improving the performance of complex features, by pre-generalizing them. (I found that these tips worked well)

  • I always thought that the feature and tiled map services currently available to publish to ArcGIS.com were just types of map services (feature & tiled). Meaning map services is just a more generalized/encompassing name.
    – wilbev
    Commented Jul 23, 2013 at 23:30

I think the terminology should be clarified. We are dealing with three types of services: 1. Tiled Map Services, 2. Dynamic Map Services and 3. Feature Services

From my experience, #1 and #3 are supported by ArcGIS online, while #2 is not.


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