I need to convert XY values in a text file which the user uploads into point features (not graphics) in a feature service using ArcGIS Server JavaScript API. The ArcGIS server version is 10.1 and API version is 3.5

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I think this is what you are looking for: https://developers.arcgis.com/en/javascript/jssamples/exp_dragdrop.html


I would read the file, push the X/Y values in to an two dimensional array.
In a for (foreach) loop, i'd create a point feature for every X/Y value pair.

for(i in array){
    var point = new esri.geometry.Point(array[i][0], array[i][1])
    // do something with the point here

At the comment, you can process the point. For example, you can add them to the featureSrevice via the "query task".

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