I would like to make a list of podcasts related to geospatial technologies.

Do you listen to any that you find interesting and informative?


Directions' podcasts can now be found here.


Here is a list created by Geoawesomeness with geospatial podcasts. It includes the following podcasts:

Also, there are other interesting podcasts that have some geospatial-related episodes. For example. there's Stats and Stories with this episode and Data Skeptic with this one. These two podcasts are really well made and their format is very nice because episodes are no longer than 30 minutes.

Here are other two geospatial podcasts:

  • I have seen the post but Geoawesomeness but unfortunately many of the podcasts on that list only publish a new episode once a month or are no longer active. Stats and Stories sounds interesting! – dango Aug 12 '19 at 13:41

There are ESRI podcasts - Instructional series and Speaker series. Informative but related only to ArcGIS technologies.


Directions magazine podcasts - but I guess they stopped podcasting since 2009?


I found one more - gotgeoint? Do you have any opinion about it?


Where 2.0 Podcasts are on IT Conversations. Howard Butler had a short lived podcast that had some great interviews with luminaries from the open source GIS world, but I can't seem to find any live links for them.


ESRI have Speaker (Community and Staff) and Instructional (Training and Education) Podcasts Some are more interesting than others

But has podcast player so no need to download the file (unless you want too)


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