My problem is that I am trying to export some rasters to Rockworks so that I can create a sand layer from them. Rockworks requires the grid files i use to have the exact same XY co-ordinates.

So i have a polygon of my sand layer - I create one raster of the surface (by using extract by mask from some AHN data I have) and the second one i create myself with a depth of -10.

When i check their layer properties however they are different! e.g. the top extent of the lower raster is 503002.235094748 and the top extent of the upper raster is 503000.235094748. The left and bottom extents are exactly the same..

They're both in the same co-ordinate system..?!

  • I have attempted to recreate the raster with using a cell size of 0.01 but this still gives me an upper extent of 503001.535094748!
    – Alice
    Mar 3, 2011 at 8:15

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In any raster-based software it is important to specify both the cellsize and the extent of your datasets. ArcGIS provides several interfaces for this. (They vary by version and even within version; there are actually multiple non-communicating internal settings!) Find the settings dialog appropriate for the tool you are using, explicitly specify the output parameters, and redo the exports.

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