I am buffering a layer of facilities (points). I will then use the buffer to clip and intersect another layer, containing resources.

I want to answer the question, how much of the resource lies within X distance of the facility?

Buffer facility -> clip resource so only areas within buffer remain -> intersect facility buffer and resource to show amount of resource within distance of facility.

Now, I am using ftools to create my buffer. The problem is, when the facilities are already within X distance of each other it does not create a full circular buffer, the polygons created do not overlap.

How can I create a buffer in QGIS where the polygons of the buffer are allowed to overlap each other (possible in ArcGIS)?


If you leave the "Dissolve buffer results" unticked it should work fine

enter image description here

  • Thank you I am just being a fool... I did try this, but when I selected the resulting buffers they do not select as circular so I assumed it hadn't worked. When I change the style to transparent I can see that it has. A QGIS / ArcMap selection variation in the interface. – gisuser Mar 3 '11 at 13:27

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