I have used the example from the Geoserver REST Docs to add a datastore from at PostGIS database. I have used the following xml doc to add the new datastore:


The datastore was created with the connection parameters as I expected. But the datastore.xml created looks different from the datastore that I have created with the GeoServer Web Admin. The connection parameters I am missing is:

  • Connection timeout
  • validate connections
  • max connections
  • Loose bbox
  • Expose primary keys
  • fetch size
  • Max open prepared statements
  • preparedStatements
  • Estimated extends
  • min connections

So my question is: What are the above mentioned connection parameters corresponding xml elements?

EDIT: I am using GeoServer 2.1-RC1.

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You can specify them exactly like they are specified in the datastore.xml. The REST api allows for multiple syntaxes in connectionParameters. The following syntaxes are equivalent:

<entry key="port">5432</entry>

You will find a description of what those additional parameters mean in the user guide.


I think you can include any element in the datastore.xml file using the same format. All the RESTConfig does is copy your POSTed file to the datastore folder.

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