I am using QGIS 1.8 in Ubuntu 12.04. I am working with Robot Operating System (ROS) and QGIS simultaneously. My ROS system is connected to LIDAR (sensors) that will publish GPS message so, I could subscribe and print latitude and longitude values continuously in terminal using C++ program.

My next task is to take this latitude and longitude values from terminal and plot it into QGIS map. Then, I want to track waypoints. Can anyone help me to do so?

I don't have any idea as I am new to QGIS. Note that everything should be done without depending to internet connection.


Live GPS Tracking is a topic which is covered in the QGIS manual. I haven't tried it myself, but if you run into problems, the mailing list should be able to help you.

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You can't easily get a live feed into your qgis for live visualization of a track would be my guess based on a lot of experimentation with a garmin unit. You can get data out and do a conversion with gpsbabel or some such and import a gpx or shapefile conversion. You could update a current position on the map however with live tracking but saving a track out put and then loading it from a gpx conversion from a nmea output might be the most direct path. Depends on your usage. On the fly visualization of tracks and routing types of application would probably require looping a log from a postgresql database and updating on the fly, requiring serious programming experience and a lot of exposure to gps data capture science, postgesql, etc. Nontrivial or there would be a lot of examples out there. DNR Garmin can do on the fly with ArcGIS, however, of course that is a different unit and would have different inputs or file formats likely than your hardware.

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