I'm trying to include an integer variable in the SQL where-clause of a tool like this (ArcGIS 10 Python script):

newR = ExtractByAttributes(inR, '"IntField">=2508')

where inR is an integer raster, IntField is an integer field in its attribute table.

The above works, but how can I substitute an integer variable instead of 2508?

I've tried all kinds of different quotes and concatenation, but have not been able to.

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How about:

val = 2508
newR = ExtractByAttributes(inR, '"IntField">=%d' % val)

Read up on string formatting with python.


I have found ArcGIS to be very finnicky when it comes to multiple parameters. For example, use of double quotes tends to signify the end of a parameter. One method I use is string concatenation after changing the variable to a string.

intstr = str(intvar) #Converts integer variable to a string
newR = ExtractByAttributes(inR, "IntField>= "+intstr)


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