Anyone tried access label properties trough ArcObjects with Python?

I try to obtain reference to label object with IAnnotateLayerPropertiesCollection2.QueryItem, but when I do:

pA = pGLyr.AnnotationProperties
new = NewObj(esriCarto.LabelEngineLayerProperties,esriCarto.IAnnotateLayerProperties)

I get: Runtime error : call takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

I'm not sure where is the error comming from.

Any ideas?

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In comtypes, out arguments are returned as a tuple, they do not need to be passed in to the function. From the comtypes home page:

Calling methods

Calling COM methods is straightforward just like with other Python objects. They can be called with positional and named arguments.

Arguments marked [out] or [out, retval] in the IDL are returned from a sucessful method call, in a tuple if there is more than one. If no [out] or [out, retval] arguments are present, the HRESULT returned by the method call is returned. When [out] or [out, retval] arguments are returned from a sucessful call, the HRESULT value is lost.

If the COM method call fails, a COMError exception is raised, containing the HRESULT value.

This works for me:

def enumerate_anno_properties(layer):
    gfl = CType(layer, esriCarto.IGeoFeatureLayer)
    if gfl:
        annoProps = gfl.AnnotationProperties
        for i in range(annoProps.Count):
            yield (CType(annoProps, esriCarto.IAnnotateLayerPropertiesCollection2)
  • Cool, works great. I would not think of generator use.
    – Tomek
    Aug 7, 2013 at 14:17

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