I'am using the Corine Land Cover data for a projet. There is around 40 types of land use in this database. In my print composer with my scale (1:20 000) I neve have more than 10 type of land use.

I would like to show in the legend, only those 10 type of land use. Is that possible? (This option is available for the table)

I'am using QGIS master 1.9.

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Currently this is not supported. In Print Composer, it is possible to manually delete selected classes from a layer's legend entry. If the 10 land cover types don't change much from map to map, that might be an option.

  • Thank you, for the answer. I understand this is not an actual feature. Unfortunately, land use change quite a lot around the different maps ...
    – Arthur
    Aug 7, 2013 at 12:20

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