I am using the following method in C#

public void ConstructBuffers (
    IEnumGeometry pInputGeometries,
    double distance,
    IGeometry CollectionpOutputBuffers);

to create buffers.

In the method above if I have a IEnumGeometry with same types of multiple geometries I can dissolve the overlaps to get a single geometry. But when I have a IEnumGeometry with different geometry types (points, lines and polygons) and try to dissolve the overlaps I don't get a single geometry but my output (CollectionpOutputBuffers) is the same number of geometries as input. Anyone has any idea what may be wrong.


If I understand your question correctly, you want one single buffer object, constructed from all geometries in pInputGeometries.

The ConstructBuffers result contains one buffer from each geometry, but you want one single merged buffer.

This can be done by

  • Set IBufferConstructionProperties.UnionOverlappingBuffers to true, which will merge eventual overlapping buffers
  • Create a multipolygon from the resulting CollectionpOutputBuffers polygons

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