Followed the tutorial using the OpenGeo suite SDK, and looking at adding a scale to my maps however the tutorial doesn't cover adding widgets only plugins. So I am not sure about how I would add http://gxp.opengeo.org/master/doc/lib/widgets/ScaleOverlay.html wherever I place it fr example the tools section I seem to just get a white screen, which tells me something is wrong.

I believe I should call it using

* @require widgets/ScaleOverlay.js

and then as with plugins something like (below) in the tools part of app.js

ptype: "gxp_ScaleOverlay",
 actionTarget: "map.tbar"

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You can add the scale overlay as item to your map configuration in app.js, e.g.

// map and layers
map: {
    id: "mymap", // id needed to reference map in portalConfig above
    title: "Map",
    items: [{
        xtype: "gxp_scaleoverlay"
    /* ... */

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