I have rasterdataset in gdb. I create layer from this rasterdataset.

    private static void CreateLayer()
        IRasterLayer rlMosaicDataset = new RasterLayer();
        rlMosaicDataset.CreateFromDataset(rasterDataset);// name in gdb

        IRasterRGBRenderer stretchRenderer = new RasterRGBRenderer();
        IRasterRenderer rasterRenderer = (IRasterRenderer)stretchRenderer;
        IRaster raster = rasterDataset.CreateDefaultRaster();
        rasterRenderer.Raster = raster;
        rasterRenderer.ResamplingType = rstResamplingTypes.RSP_BilinearInterpolation;  // smooth
        IRasterStretch stretchType = (IRasterStretch)rasterRenderer;
        stretchType.StretchType =
        stretchType.StandardDeviationsParam = 2; // what is?
        rlMosaicDataset.Renderer = rasterRenderer;

        rlMosaicDataset.MaximumScale = 0.1;
        rlMosaicDataset.MinimumScale = 500000000;

This layer is black-and-white imagery. I'd like that its color was green and red. (In ArcMap I can do: Layer Properties -> Symbology -> Stretched -> Color Ramp -> here I can choose strip with green, yellow, orange, red colors)

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Here's for a raster classify renderer, includes applying color ramp:


Here's stretch:


  • Where can I find the explanation of this parameters: stretchType, StandardDeviationsParam and all values?
    – novicegis
    Aug 20, 2013 at 6:39
  • Looking like EDN (Esri Developer Network) might be the only official place. 10.0+ requires a subscription (which you may have depending on your license agreement with Esri). I did a search for the object name and found some 9.3 info: resources.esri.com/help/9.3/arcgisengine/arcobjects/esriCarto/… Can't guarantee it's stayed the same, but it's a start.
    – msayler
    Aug 20, 2013 at 15:31

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