I have created grids and have some layout graphics and I dont want to accidentally move these elements.

I found a old script here which does what I want, and I understand that the Production Mapping extension does this but is more advanced.

I cannot recompile from ArcGIS 9 to 10 (not smart enough), but do you know if there is an finished DLL file like the one in the link but for 10.1?

I also want to know if it is possible to lock Map frame element and/or save layout settings in ArcMap 10.1


Unfortunately, this is far from an instant solution, but there is an ArcGIS Idea to be able to Lock Graphic Features in ArcMap that it looks like you should vote for (I just did).

If this is important to you I would advise creating an equivalent ArcGIS Idea to have this in ArcGIS Pro because I suspect it is more likely to come to fruition in that next generation product. I will be happy to vote for that too.

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