Are there any shapefiles on the boundary coordinates for each of the Bangladesh administration divisions?

Essentially what I want to achieve is to have the minimum and maximum of the longitudes & latitudes of three divisions: Khulna, Barisal & Chittagong so I can create a rough mask for these regions.

I have used this link to obtain the Bangladesh shapefile but does not give me the individual division borders, or that I can see when using ArcGis Explorer.

I was thinking, if I had the data for the border coordinates I could extract the min & max values.


Accordingly to your data link the bounding boxes are-

Khulna: 24.209739, 89.964997, 21.650730, 88.559281

Barisal: 23.071161, 91.001115, 21.737791, 89.864068

Chittagong: 24.269250, 92.673661, 20.741111, 90.539200

  • Thank you, how did you get these boundaries? – hgeop Aug 17 '13 at 13:33
  • I used ArcGIS to get the values. Can u please mark it as answered question? – Devils Dream Aug 17 '13 at 14:38

Have a look at UN FAO's GAUL database

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