I am a bit confused with the save maps function in geoexplorer. I have a vps server with the opengeo suite 3.1, I added a table to the vps local postgis db server to the geoserver.public database. I registered this table as layer in geoserver and it's working fine in geoexplorer composer. My problem is when I save the map in geoexplorer and log out and log in back (as administrator) I cannot use the query button and the edit button (they are inactive). It is working fine (so I can use the query button on saved maps) if I don't change the layer security in geoserver. But I changed because I don't want to allow to anonymous users to see any layers.

with this settings: the anonymous user cannot see the layers preview in geoserver and in geoexplorer. Admin can see every layer after logged in. But If I save the map (not publish), the query button and the edit button will be inactive. ..r ADMIN,GROUP_ADMIN ..w ADMIN,GROUP_ADMIN

with the default settings: ..r * ..w * The anonymous user can see the layers, admin can use the query button on saved maps.

I would like to hide the layers from the anonymous users, and I would like to use the query button on saved maps. Is it possible to do both of them at the same time? I'm sure is possible, just I don't know how can I do that.

I cannot solve this problem and it's very frustrating. It would be great if somebody can give me some idea to solve this issue.

Thanks, encleadus

  • Is there a way to restrict add/remove layers and save maps in geoexplorer to other users except to admin?
    – Stas
    Nov 9, 2015 at 15:07

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The answer is, do not log in to the geoexplorer and the geoserver at the same time from the same browser... It completely confuse the privileges...

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