I have been working on a vector-based spatial analysis in R using shapefiles. I wish to use some environmental data that is downloadable, however it is only available in raster format (FLT & HDR files).

I have no experience of working with rasters. How can I work with these files and combine with the shapefiles for further analysis?


Here is an article explaining how to use the flt/hdr files in R. I see GDAL will convert these files. ArcMap 10.1 opened the flt.hdr files too. FLT

  • Thanks! I can't get the GDALinfo command to work but was able to read data in and plot it using raster. Thank you it is a start! – user2498193 Aug 20 '13 at 8:35

Using the R package "raster",you can read the file of ENVI image,include "bil" "hdr", such as:

a <- raster("C:/Users/USER/Desktop/et180415/et180415.bil")
  • Welcome to GIS.se! This is so far a better answer than the accepted one - could you click 'edit' and add some more information about how this process works? – Simbamangu Apr 17 '18 at 13:40

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