I have very little experience in dealing with ogr2ogr, and currently I am trying to find out if there is a way I can automate batch conversion of .shp files to KML using windows services schedule.

So far I've got the below script In a .bat file based on what I have found on this site:

for /R %%f in (*.shp) do ogr2ogr -f "KML" %%~dpnf.kml %%f 

I am able to run the batch file and convert successfully in FWTools shell, but windows cmd.exe tells me that 'ogr2ogr' is not recognised as a command. Is there any way I can set it up so that cmd.exe recognises it automatically and just runs the .bat file every time?

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    From the GDAL Wiki: Important note: the FWTools binaries are not currently updated... The GDAL/OGR version in FWTools is 1.7 from 2010. You should use the OSGeo4W or GIS Internals GDAL binaries instead.
    – user2856
    Commented Aug 19, 2013 at 23:27

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Of course. You just need to tell cmd where ogr2ogr lives. This can be done in two ways.

1) Create a batch file to lauch cmd with the correct paths. aka "C:\Program Files (x86)\FWTools2.4.7\bin\setfwenv.bat"

CALL "C:\Program Files (x86)\FWTools2.4.7\bin\setfwenv.bat"
ogr2ogr ...

2) You can add the paths that are set in setfwenv.bat into your system paths

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I wrote a C# application that can instantiate a python environment from a batch script enabling the usage of OGR2OGR to convert ESRI Shapefiles (or other formats the application supports) into MS Sql Server (or other compatable formats).

This application looks at a specific directory for shapefiles and then processes those shapefiles into the previously mentioned batch script file so that way I can run multiple commands via one batch script.

The trick is how you format the batch file. Take a look at the output in the bin directory for any .bat file and you'll see a perfect example of what you're looking for.

@echo off

set SDK_ROOT=%~dp0
set SDK_ROOT=%SDK_ROOT:\\=\%

echo %SDK_ROOT%

if "%1" == "setenv" goto setenv

%comspec% /k "%SDK_ROOT%addrfeat_0_100.bat" setenv %1
goto processdata
goto exit

@echo Setting environment for using the GDAL and MapServer tools.

if "%2"=="hideoci" goto hideoci

set ocipath=0
set _path="%PATH:;=" "%"
for %%p in (%_path%) do if not "%%~p"=="" if exist %%~p\oci.dll set ocipath=1

if "%ocipath%"=="0" goto hideoci
@echo WARNING: If you encounter problems with missing oci libraries then type:
@echo   SDKShell hideoci
goto setenv2

@echo Hiding the OCI plugin library.
if not exist "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins-optional" mkdir "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins-optional"
if exist "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins\ogr_OCI.dll" move "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins\ogr_OCI.dll" "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins-optional\ogr_OCI.dll"
if exist "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins\gdal_GEOR.dll" move "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins\gdal_GEOR.dll" "%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins-optional\gdal_GEOR.dll"

SET "PATH=%SDK_ROOT%bin;%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\python\osgeo;%SDK_ROOT%bin\proj\apps;%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\apps;%SDK_ROOT%bin\ms\apps;%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\csharp;%SDK_ROOT%bin\ms\csharp;%SDK_ROOT%bin\curl;%PATH%"
SET "GDAL_DATA=%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal-data"
SET "GDAL_DRIVER_PATH=%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\plugins"
SET "PYTHONPATH=%SDK_ROOT%bin\gdal\python;%SDK_ROOT%bin\ms\python"

@echo Processing File 1 of 100: tl_2015_01001_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01001_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 2 of 100: tl_2015_01003_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01003_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 3 of 100: tl_2015_01005_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01005_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 4 of 100: tl_2015_01007_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01007_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 5 of 100: tl_2015_01009_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01009_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 6 of 100: tl_2015_01011_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01011_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 7 of 100: tl_2015_01013_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01013_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 8 of 100: tl_2015_01015_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01015_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 9 of 100: tl_2015_01017_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01017_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 10 of 100: tl_2015_01019_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01019_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 11 of 100: tl_2015_01021_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01021_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 12 of 100: tl_2015_01023_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01023_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 13 of 100: tl_2015_01025_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01025_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 14 of 100: tl_2015_01027_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01027_addrfeat.shp"
@echo Processing File 15 of 100: tl_2015_01029_addrfeat.shp
ogr2ogr -progress -append -skipfailures -nln "addrfeat_2015" -lco "GEOM_TYPE=GEOMETRY" -lco "GEOM_NAME=Geom" -a_srs "EPSG:4326" -t_srs "EPSG:4326" -f "MSSQLSpatial" "MSSQL:Server=ANTHONY-PC;Database=MAF_Tiger;Integrated Security=true;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;" "D:\Census Data\Geo\tl_2015_01029_addrfeat.shp"

... and so on and so fourth


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