I use sde database, registered with ArcGis Server 10.1. Sde connection is direct. Database container is postgres.

There is a raster dataset in this sde base. I can open this sde database

    private IWorkspace ArcSdeWorkspaceFromFile(String connectionFile)
        Type factoryType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(
        IWorkspaceFactory workspaceFactory = (IWorkspaceFactory)Activator.CreateInstance
        return workspaceFactory.OpenFromFile(connectionFile, 0);

and raster dataset. I can also add some data to this registered raster dataset.

    private void OpenRasterDataset()
        IRasterWorkspaceEx temp = (IRasterWorkspaceEx)fgdbWorkspace;
        rasterDataset = temp.OpenRasterDataset(SdeParameters.rdName);

But I don't know how to delete (or clear - it is the best way) this raster dataset.


You should be able to query interface to IDatatset, then call the delete method.

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